How Does Art Therapy Help?

You may be wondering how art therapy can help you with the difficulties you are experiencing. Our culture sometimes trivializes art, making it seem irrelevant to life’s problems. But art actually has the potential to be a powerful form of communication about the self. Here are some specific ways that art therapy can be beneficial to you in your life’s journey.

Age 13
Age 13 Transformed


Art making provides an alternative, and sometimes more powerful, way to express what you’re feeling about the challenges that life may present you. The finished product provides validation for your feelings, helping to reduce shame about your problems. The process of expressive art making stimulates both the cognitive and the emotional centers of the brain, resulting in a holistic therapeutic experience.


Who Am I?


Oh! I Can Get Out!


Art making results in a finished product that mirrors back your thoughts and feelings, giving you new insights about yourself and what may be holding you back from achieving your goals. The art therapist helps to facilitate this process, resulting in greater self awareness that can lead to positive change.


Inner Peace Mandala




The process of art making can be calming, soothing, and centering, helping you to access the wiser parts of yourself. Making something beautiful can enhance your self-esteem. The process of solving the creative problems that an art piece presents to you helps you to increase your overall creative problem-solving abilities, abilities that can help you to solve other problems in your life.


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