Contact Me

Office Address: 11907 Arbor St., Omaha, Nebraska, 68144

Arbor Street is one block north of West Center Road. Going north on 120th Street, turn right on Arbor Street. A little ways down on the right, you’ll see an office building with an upper level and a lower level, each with separate parking lots. Park in the lower level parking lot. Go in the door labeled “Mother/Child Connection.”

Phone Number: (402) 517-1504
Leave a voicemail if I don’t pick up, and I will call you back.


One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Christine! Im Katelyn Shriver from Hastings. And im a senior in High School. And im looking to start a career in Art Therapy. The closest place i have from me for an art therapist is in Omaha. And im just wondering how you got started and even if maybe sometime i could even job shadow you and understand more of how it all works. Hope to hear back from you! Thanks Katelyn!

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